Stage 1 – Consultation

Bring photos of designs that inspire you for your special event to us. Tell us what you are looking for and what you have envisioned about everything related to your special occasion.


Stage 2 – Brainstorming

After the first meeting, our designer will create 3-5 sketches for you, along with sourced fabrics and trims. Usually the creative process takes about 3 weeks and then we meet again to choose the final design. 

Stage 3 –Measure

Once we finalize the design, our designer will take precise measurements for you.

*Just in case you are out of town, we can send you a measuring guidance or we can face-time to teach you how to measure by yourself!


Stage 4 – Dress Making

Our designs are made in Vancouver by highly experienced pattern makers and seamstresses, using Haute-Couture standards and techniques. It takes approximately 5-7 weeks for the first sample to be made, and about 4-5 months if the design involves with heavily covered beadings and embroideries. At this stage, unfortunately no major changes can be made to the design. 

Stage 5 – Fittings and Alterations

Usually it takes 2-3 fittings to make your perfect dress. You are 100% involved in the whole design process and we will make changes along the way until you get the perfect dress. At this stage, it is also a good time to think about accessories such as veils, gloves, shawls, or jewelries.

We are not just a dressmaker, we are also your personal stylist!

Stage 6 – Getting your customized attires!

Yes we are here! You will be receiving your one of a kind design with our whole heart. Along with it, you will also receive the original colored sketch from our designer with our notes of how to care for the dress.

We cannot wait to see your photos on your special occasion! Share with us!


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